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June 16, 2021 3 min read

Nothing beats the feeling when you see your baby sleeping with their little hands clutched between their knees or hear their cheerful giggling while they play with their favorite toy. It’s all so soul-refreshing, particularly for the mothers.
If there’s anything else that’ll get you excited as parents, it has to be shopping for your kid’s toys. But instead of buying just a toy for your little one, think about a 2-in-1 kind of deal:a toy that also provides sleeping comfort. Yes, we’re talking about ababy elephant pillow.
Let's just get straight to how ababy elephant pillow is MORE than just a pillow!

2 Months baby sleeps on a comfy elephant pillow

Reasons Why You ShouldBuy a Baby Elephant Pillow Now

Here are just some of the reasons why ababy elephant pillow is more of a necessity than a choice.

1. It is multipurpose

Ababy elephant pillow is a useful, multiplepurpose stuffed toy for your little one. It's totally up to you if you want to use it as a decorative piece in your kid's room. It will be placed around for years without getting damaged (as long as you keep it clean).

Besides, you may carry this soft plushy toy in cars, buses, trains, and even planes wherever you and your little one are traveling.

2. It soothes your baby to fall asleep quick

After playful sessions, your baby becomes super energetic, and it might affect their night’s sleep. That's where ababy elephant pillow comes in handy!

Settle down your baby and provide them with their favorite toy. It’s also a comfortable cuddlerpillow for the baby whenever they nap. Your child can rest their head peacefully on the plush stomach of the baby elephant pillow and wrap the hands around the legs. It will soothe them until they fall asleep. Cozy, no?

3. It is made of 100% non-toxic material

Parents usually stay away from baby toys that are expected to contain even fractions of toxic material. The good news is ourbaby elephant pillow is made of 100% non-toxic material. So, with this adorable, cute little pillow, you don’t have to worry about child safety.

It is machine washable, so you can give your baby a clean pillow every time and wash it when it gets dirty.

4. It provides neck support

The plush, premium, and silky smooth texture of thebaby elephant pillow with PP cotton stuffing ensures your baby feels snuggled all night long. It provides the neck support young children need to sleep effectively and painlessly.

Depending on the level of elevation needed, you can change the placement of thebaby elephant pillow below their head. In addition, it gives your child's neck comfortable support that they’ll love while watching their favorite TV shows.

5. It is a loving gift

Thebaby elephant pillow is a cute gift for your family members and friends who have children. You can also give it to your kid as a birthday present.

Additionally, when the photographers appear to take some photos of the baby shower, you can place this endearing toy in the background: It makes a great prop.

Ready toBuy a Baby Elephant Pillow?

Quickly head over to Bubi Bear to order yourbaby elephant pillow RIGHT NOW. Because now is the best time to add a colorful change to your kid’s life.