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Sensory Foldable Books

  • Baby toys 0-6 months will keep the baby busy by the lovely pattern, and enjoy the fun of learning while playing.
  • Baby Newborn Sensory Toys Books - Helps baby distinguish black and white high contrast so that it stimulates newborn's optic nerve and brain development. It can help mothers to distract them and make them more focused on patterns when you are changing the baby's diaper.
  • Best Tummy Time Toys Book - High contrast baby books are washable in a machine or dryer without fading and deforming. It can be used for babies/newborns/infants who are 0-3 months in tummy time.
  • Foldable and hangable the high-quality baby black and white book is very lightweight, soft, and folds up. It has eight ropes and you can tie it to the car headrest with a rear-facing car seat or for a crib, stroller, or even going out will come in handy for baby’ better viewing. Suitable for use in tummy time or a sitting position and encourages parent-child play interaction and joint activity.